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master classes & choreographic process

Jazz/Modern Class
This class starts with a center warm up including aerobic exercises, stretching, isolations, strengthening, balancing, and overall conditioning. Following the warm up are general technical movements done across the floor. Some examples are turns, leaps, and kicks. The last element of the class is a combination at the center. The combination always includes technical elements, complex variations of movements, emotional artistic exploration, and an occasional improvisational exercise.

Ballet Class
Class starts with traditional ballet exercises at the barre. Following theses movements there is a free stretch in center followed by complex ballet movement combinations done in center and across the floor. Class ends with a reverence.

Both master classes are one hour and a half in length

Choreographic Process
This process starts with determining the goals of the project. Each project is different so will include research time for music, ideas, and emotional content. After this has been determined the level and abilities of the participants is taken into account and the creative process begins...